Bloomin’ Easy®

Dedicated to simple gardening; designed for the busy lifestyle of today's gardeners

Bloomin’ Easy is an exciting, award-winning brand whose mission is to make gardening easier and more inviting with its line of improved, low-maintenance plants, which require just three simple steps for success: plant, water, relax. Using leading-edge genetics, this line was bred with busy young homeowners and their modern-sized outdoor spaces in mind. And to ensure these gardeners have success growing plants and have more time to enjoy them, Bloomin’ Easy plants must be not only beautiful, unique, and highly floriferous but also tough, hardy, and resilient—capable of handling big environmental swings—in other words, virtually bulletproof.

Along with their easy-care attitude and reliable landscape performance, many of these plants also have diminutive, well-kept habits that fit nicely in small spaces and containers. So now, these colorful, carefree flowering shrubs offer the casual—or even the reluctant—gardener the beautiful, relaxing garden they’ve always dreamed of, whether that’s a large plot in the country, a small oasis in town, or a few containers in the city.