Blooming Block Kwik Kombos™ Chloes™

Blooming Block Kwik Kombos™ Chloe's™

Beautiful combos without the guesswork

Annual Plants
Item # 28071
Ships Early-Mid May

Summer color has never been easier. Our new Blooming Block Kwik Kombos™ Chloe's™ arrives at your door ready to plant, and in just a few weeks' time you'll have bunches of blooms bursting with color.

Our Blooming Block annuals come in a nutrient-rich block—no more worrying about damaging delicate roots! Each Kwik Kombos™ Chloe's™ includes one plant each of the following varieties of flowers:

•Sanguna® Patio Pink Morn Petunia
•Lanai® Compact White Verbena
•Cabrio™ Yellow Calibrachoa

Perfect for containers, hanging baskets, and even garden beds, Kwik Kombos™ are designed to continually bloom in a wide range of climates, spring and summer, and are tested and selected for matching uniformity and longevity. For best results, add 1 block to every 10 to 12 inch container and 2 blocks to every 14 to 16 inch container and place in a sunny location.

Ships in early to mid-May.