Blossom Blanket™ Groundcover Rose

Blossom Blanket™ Groundcover Rose

Exceptionally vigorous!

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This exceptionally vigorous, low-growing rose swiftly covers the ground with masses of flowers, beating out weeds to give you a parade of blooms all season long!

Quickly spreading to 4 feet wide and just 18 inches high, this low-maintenance, highly reliable groundcover rose sets loads of gorgeous white 1-inch blossoms that open from charming ovoid buds. Set against the healthy dark green leaves, they're absolutely dazzling! It looks fantastic sprawling across sunny patches in your yard or spilling over the edges of containers. Remove spent flowers to encourage rebloom.

Vigorous and easy to grow, even in challenging soils, this sun worshipper arises in gigantic waves month after month. So easy and eager to bloom, Blossom Blanket™ is a pure joy for any gardener!

Plant in well-drained soil in full sun. Spring pruning is recommended. Old and dead wood should be removed and canes that cross need to be cut back. Gardeners in warmer climates should cut back the remaining canes by about one-third, while those in colder areas will probably want to prune a little more than that. Var: 'DICwhynot' (Plant Patent Applied For). Zones 5-9.