Blue Dawn Fuseable® Seeds

Blue Dawn Fuseable® Seeds

Blurs the Line between Pink and Blue1

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Rosy-pink Petunia Easy Wave plus super- floriferous Bacopa Blutopia! Part of the exciting Fuseables® series of multi-seed pellets, Blue Dawn lets you plant just a pellet or two per container to grow the perfect blend of color, texture, and long-blooming beauty!

This mix contains two premier names in sun-loving, long-blooming, easy-care annuals from seed: Petunia Easy Wave® and Bacopa Blutopia®. Each pellet has seeds of each, so you will get multiple seedlings. A single pellet plants an 8-inch container, while 2 will fill a 12-inch pot perfectly! You can't go wrong with this one!

If you are new to growing with Fuseables®, you might be skeptical (we were too). You might imagine that the seedlings emerge too close together, or choke each other out. All we can say is, you've got to try it. Not only do they not bother one another, they grow up and around and through each other, creating a true combination that looks natural and doesn't have to be fussed with at all. Give it a try this season. There's just no better way to create a quick, natural, beautifully blended annual combo planting!