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Delphinium Blue Lace

Delphinium 'Blue Lace'

Longer-lived than older varieties, and good powdery mildew resistance!

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Delphiniums have been a garden favorite forever, but the new hybrids are far better than their older cousins -- they live longer, the blooms tend to be larger and closer together, and the plants often need no staking. 'Blue Lace' is a fine example of just how far this family has come lately, and it has our highest recommendation for its repeat-blooming rich blue color.

These petal-packed flowers are jammed onto sturdy stalks, simply radiating bright color. Their intense shade of sky-blue is difficult to find elsewhere in the garden, and if you look closely you'll see hints of lavender-pink, especially around the center of the bloom. Very striking! They begin in early summer and, if cut back promptly after bloom, will reappear at summer's end or in early fall.

The plant is greatly improved too, with sturdy stems that need no staking and large foliage that stands out even when 'Blue Lace' is out of bloom. Resistant to deer and rabbits, this variety is also quite mildew-resistant if given full sun and a little breathing room in the garden. Butterflies and hummingbirds flock to its blooms, so give it a place of prominence and enjoy those two seasons of bloom!

'Blue Lace' is not a maintenance-free perennial, but it just needs a few essentials to bloom and grow its best for years. First, give it basic (alkaline) soil. Second, prepare the soil with lots of rich organic matter, and keep the compost coming all season. Third, cut back the first flush of blooms quickly to stimulate rebloom. --And that's all it takes for this treasure to feel at home in the sunny to lightly shaded garden!

Blue Lace reaches 5 to 6 feet tall and 2 feet wide. Do not crowd plants in the garden; space at least 2 feet apart. Zones 3-7.