Tulip Blue Parrot

Tulip 'Blue Parrot'

8 to 10 inches across!

Pack of 10
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Blue flowers are rare, but a blue Tulip is rarer still! Magnificent 8- to 10-inch wide, curled and frilled blue-purple petals are brushed with mauve, bronze, and purple. A bed filled with these magnificent Tulips looks for all the world like a flock of exotic birds ruffling their feathers in the spring sunshine. Blooming mid- to - late season atop strong, sturdy stems 20 to 22 inches tall, they need a sunny spot in good soil, sheltered from harsh wind and rain to extend the life of their blooms. Our large, 12-cm bulbs will provide plenty of excitement in your spring garden! Zones 3-7. Pack of 10 bulbs.