Blueberry ONeal

Blueberry O'Neal

Great for temperate and warmer climates.

'O'Neal' is considered the best-flavored southern highbush variety, and for good reason. These scrumptious mid-sized berries combine sugar content and juiciness in perfect balance, and are so productive that you often get 2 smaller harvests instead of one long one!

Very easy to grow, this shrub reaches 6 feet high and 5 to 6 feet wide within a single season, studded with small blooms in spring and berries in summer. They ripen quickly and set another crop often before you've finished picking the first!

Homegrown blueberries are an indescribably rich, delicious treat, and not at all difficult to grow. The shrub is semi-upright, so you can train it against a fence or other support to encourage best flowering and fruiting, or let it ramble a bit for a more wild, natural look. Plant it with any other blueberry variety for cross-pollination. Zones 5-9. Cannot ship to CA, OR, WA, or MI.