Bluebird Aster

Bluebird Aster

Monarch Butterflies Rely on this Plant!

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Over a long autumn season, enjoy hundreds of 1-inch-diameter daisies of lavender-blue around a gold center on this glorious perennial! Monarch butterflies flock to these flowers, and you will too, once you begin growing Bluebird in the border!

Quite bright and eye-catching, the blooms make long-lasting cutflowers as well as garden standouts. The yellow center is full of nectar on which many butterflies depend, so you will frequently see a winged visitor sitting atop a Bluebird bloom, sipping away! It's a lovely way to end the flowering season for the sunny perennial border.

Tall and vase-shaped, Bluebird reaches 30 to 36 inches high and 24 to 30 inches wide. The foliage is held below the blooms, remaining fresh from spring until frost. This is a selection of the native American Smooth Aster, so Bluebird is quite an adaptable plant, standing up to tough garden conditions effortlessly.

Give Bluebird full sunshine and excellent soil drainage for best growth and flowering. Rely on its late-season flowering to carry the garden through autumn! Zones 4-8.