Blush Cascade Combination (pack of 6)

Blush Cascade Combination (pack of 6)

Bright, Long-lasting Accents for Shady Spots!

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Mild Zones and South 6-11
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At last, a beautiful, long-lasting, weather-tough annual plant combination we can use in partial shade! The Blush Cascade Combo is just the ticket for low-maintenance, lush foliage and flowers for those areas that don't receive nonstop sunshine!

The varieties in this combination need little attention from you to look their best from the day you plant them until hard frost in the fall! First, there is a Caladium, the classic Florida Sweetheart variety so beloved for its huge pink leaves and billowy, well-branched habit. This plant is the star of the combo, never "out of bloom" and always fresh and vibrant.

Supporting the Caladium is a soft pink-flowered Pentas with attractive dark green foliage and a very well-branched habit. These blooms arise in fuzzy clusters that bees and butterflies will discover and then re-visit all summer! And the cotton-candy pink shade contrasts beautifully with the deeper, rosy-pink tones of the Caladium!

At the feet of these plants is the English Ivy, resplendent in all shades of green. These lobed, pointed leaves open a pale shade, then darken to deep hunter green at maturity, with all colors visible at once as they continuously grow and open new foliage. Very quick to spread, English Ivy is one of the easiest of all plants to maintain, and will look as good in October as it did in May!

You will find yourself wishing you had more places to display the Blush Cascade Combination. It's just so effortless and attractive, month after month! Find a spot in dappled sun or half-shade and let these annuals make themselves at home! Pack is 6 plants (2 each of 3 varieties).

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