Bonide Tomato and Blossom Set

Bonide Tomato and Blossom Set

Bigger, Meatier, Earlier Tomatoes Every Time!

1 quart
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Where has this been on all our lives?! Bonide is an all-natural growth stimulant -- completely organic -- that encourages blossom set in vegetables. Once the plant blooms, it sets fruit. And if it blooms early and heavily, the fruit that follows will be earlier, larger, and tastier than ever before!

Although it's primarily used for tomatoes, Bonide works for any vegetable in the garden. The results for tomato growth have been impressive: the fruit tends to mature up to 3 weeks earlier (wow!), and is larger, meatier, and with fewer seeds than usual.

Bonide is a liquid, and contains the natural plant growth hormone Kinetin. It's great when poor weather delays blossom set, but to tell the truth, it's good in any conditions. Perfect for the organic garden, it's entirely safe and all natural.

Grow the best veggie garden of your life with Bonide!