Boogie Woogie™ Miniature Rose

Boogie Woogie™ Miniature Rose

Perfect Hybrid Tea Blooms in Miniature!

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Boogie-Woogie™ may be small, but it has all the power and grace of a shrub three times its size. Boasting large numbers of single-stemmed, double blooms of warm scarlet, orange, and yellow-gold, it's a vibrant presence in the sunny garden or your best containers. Find a special place for this miniature, because it is certain to become the focus of attention in whatever setting you choose.

Boogie-Woogie™ is not your grandmother's miniature rose. This is a cold-hardy shrub with disease-resistant foliage and vigorous growth. It is well-branched and densely clothed in glossy deep green foliage, hardy through zone 5 in the north yet also able to withstand the heat and humidity of southern and western summers. So much energy in such a compact package!

Best of all, it flowers generously in great waves all summer. The blooms are generally single-stemmed, measuring 2 inches wide. They open from yellow-gold buds to reveal interiors of red and orange, the colors warm and welcoming in the summer sunlight. Excellent for cutting, they last a long time and keep both their color and their form very well.

Boogie-Woogie™ is scentless, which makes it a great choice for placing among strongly fragrant varieties in the garden or vase. It reaches about 18 inches high and wide, with an upright habit that achieves natural symmetry. It became popular at once upon its introduction in 2011, and is fast becoming a favorite in gardens across the country. So much color in so little space!