Bootstrap Farmer Seeding Solutions

Made in the USA and built to last

Bootstrap Farmer multipurpose trays, microgreens trays, and accessories are built to last. Made with solid engineering and thoughtful design, using only the highest-quality, longest-lasting materials, they stand up to wear and tear, season after season, year after year. Heavy-duty, the trays are ridiculously strong, rigid, and sturdy, having been tested with over 50 lbs of weight without breaking. They’re made with #5 polypropylene plastic, which is food safe, BPA free, recyclable, and easy to clean between uses: just pop them in the dishwasher on the top rack and let them air dry. They’re also available in an array of bright colors, which helps keep you better organized, and just makes gardening more fun!

So, when you’re tired of flimsy garden trays that crack, flake, and break, make a long-term investment in your garden that will pay dividends for years to come. Your only regret will be not buying them sooner.