Border Achillea and Geranium Mix (pack of 6)

Border Achillea and Geranium Mix (pack of 6)

Grow a Brilliant Carpet of Perennial Color!

Pack of 6
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Boasting all the color of an annual plant combination plus the longevity of perennials, the Border Achillea and Geranium Mix quickly grows into a carpet of brilliance for any sunny garden spot. Rely on it for years of nonstop summer color.

This pack of 6 plants contains 2 of Achillea millefolium Little Moonshine and 4 of Geranium sanguineum 'Max Frei'. Both are low-growing, spreading perennials that love sunshine and don't mind a bit of dry soil. Once established, both are drought-tolerant and very adaptable to tough environmental conditions from poor soil fertility to high heat. Most important, they look terrific together and bring butterflies and bees into the garden!

Of course, you can grow this pair in containers instead of the garden if you'd rather. Either way, they both reach about 10 to 12 inches high and wide, blooming like crazy from late spring right through summer. Little Moonshine offers ferny foliage of dark green with a fabulous fragrance, while'Max Frei sports lush green, maple-like leaves, which offer intriguing contrast to its blooms.

And the flowers --! You will love the bright, sulphur-yellow blooms of Little Moonshine, flat-topped and SO long-lasting. The brilliance of 'Max Frei' is stunning, too, a flash of bright fuchsia plus a 5-pointed central star of white!Little Moonshine is a selection of our native American Yarrow, so you know it's easy to grow. 'Max Frei is a snap as well, and doesn't mind a bit of afternoon shade in warmer climates. Both are hardy in zones 4 through 8 (the Geranium actually goes through zone 3 in the north), and both are left alone by nibbling deer, rabbits, and other pests. So much color for so little effort! Do snap this combo up quickly, before it sells out! 6 pack includes 6 3½" pots