Bos Bag Self-Opening Garden Bag

Bos Bag Self-Opening Garden Bag

You'll never struggle with a tarp again!

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Trust the British, gardeners extraordinaire, to come up with this handy-dandy little gizmo! Bos Bag is going to save you HOURS during your garden chores and lower your level of frustration by a power of ten. You'll like it so much that you may find yourself picking up a few extra to use as grocery and all-purpose bags around the house. They're just that good!

The idea is simple. Instead of collapsing on itself as other bags do, the Bos Bag stays open. Period. It does this without any work on your part -- there's nothing to slide together or clasp or snap. You just pop it open, and it sits there like a silent helper while you use both your hands to load it with armfuls of leaves, garden refuse, or anything else you need to cart away! Then, when you're done with it, it folds flat and is scarcely bigger than a piece of paper.

The open Bos Bag measures 22 inches x 22 inches x 18 inches; folded, it is 15 inches x 10 inches x ½ inch. Its sturdy handles will not rip. And it's composed of tightly woven polypropylene that has been U.V. stabilized on the weave and top-coating for an even longer life. Weighing just 10 ounces, it nonetheless has a capacity of 3½ cubic feet. Astonishing!

It's time to get rid of that old bucket or rusty wheelbarrow you've been pushing around for all your garden chores! Let the Bos Bag handle the situation neatly and efficiently! Open dimensions: 18" H x 22" W x 22" D; Weight: 10 oz; Capacity: 3½ cubic feet.