Bushel and Berry™ Blueberry Glaze™ Blueberry

Bushel and Berry™ Blueberry Glaze™ Blueberry

Is it a Blueberry or a Boxwood?!

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Recapture the flavor of wild blueberries gathered from the tangled bushes growing near your grandparents' cottage with Blueberry Glaze™, the newest and most exciting of the Bushel and Berry™ series of ultra-compact, beautiful blueberry varieties. This dense little shrub looks like a boxwood from a distance . . . until it covers itself in spring flowers, summer berries, and bright fall foliage!

Blueberry Glaze™ is lovely in every season, but summer will undoubtedly be your favorite, thanks to its big yields of small, nearly black berries, with the flavor and aroma of wild blueberries. So evocative, so rich -- there is no describing the "true berry" bite of these sugary nuggets! And although Blueberry Glaze™ is only 2 to 3 feet high and 1 to 2 feet wide, it delivers enormous yields.

But you don't have to wait for summer to enjoy this shrub. Spring brings masses of pink-blushed white blooms that cover the shrub right down to the ground. Then, in fall, the dense bright green foliage turns handsome shades of burgundy and maroon! Such a delight! And the foliage remains on the plant all winter long, adding unusual tones to the grays and browns of December and January days.

Blueberry Glaze™ was bred for containers, but can also be used as a low evergreen shrub, much in the way of the boxwood it resembles. Very well-branched, it keeps its color year-round. For best fruiting, grow it near another variety of blueberry. Or you can grow it solo, where its yields may be somewhat smaller but every bit as flavorful!

This blueberry loves acidic soil (pH 4.5 - 5.5 is best) and full sunshine everywhere but the hottest climates. If your soil is more alkaline, amend it with peat moss to increase the acidity. Good soil drainage is essential too. If you are growing it in a container, pick a fairly large one -- anything 16 inches in diameter or larger is preferred, since this perennial will keep setting new canes and spreading.

Treat Blueberry Glaze™ as you would an azalea or another acid-loving shrub. In fact, you can even use fertilizers intended for rhododendrons, azaleas, and camellias. And that timeless home gardeners' favorite, coffee grounds, is a great addition to the soil!

Blueberry Glaze™ asks only for a feeding at the beginning of spring and again later in the season. Water it daily in containers. When winter arrives, it will go dormant, and should be left alone. The following spring, you'll begin to see green growth. Midway through spring, when the new growth is well-established, cut away any stems that do not show new growth. That's all there is to it! Blueberry Glaze™ will begin flowering and fruiting the very first year, and by the third year will be overflowing with color and yummy deliciousness! Zones 5-9.