Bushel and Berry® Blueberry Pink Icing®

Bushel and Berry® Blueberry Pink Icing®

Pink, blue and green make for stunning foliage!

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The newest and the most colorful addition to the Bushel and Berry® collection! When we say colorful, we mean it! Spring foliage is variegated, opening with shades of pink, blue and green. Those contrasting shades deepen iridescent turquoise hues for tones of winter interest and color!

Not only are these bushes so pretty, but they're also compact enough for your borders and patio containers. Mix Pink Icing™ with Peach Sorbet™ for added dimension and varying heights.

Plus, these berries are absolutely delicious! A sweet, robust flavor is that of a true blueberry. Mix them into fruit salad, make a pie or eat them as a fresh snack!