Bushel and Berry® Blueberry Pink Icing®

Bushel and Berry® Blueberry Pink Icing®

Stunning Spring Foliage and Delectable Berries!

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The newest and most colorful addition to the Bushel and Berry® collection! When we say colorful, we mean it! Pink Icing® sports glorious spring foliage of rosy pink tinged with green, then turns blue-green for summer and fall before burnishing a deep turquoise for winter! Wow!

Prepare to fall in love with this ornamental edible, a dwarf shrub just right for containers but also robust enough to thrive in the border. Spring blooms are large and white -- quite pretty in themselves! -- and are followed by large, juicy, ultra-sweet berries in early to midsummer. And then, after the crop has harvested, the foliage continues its remarkable show!

The Bushel and Berry® series are ornamental berry bushes developed by the Brazelton family of Oregon. All of them bear generous amounts of fruit, sport a dwarf habit so they can be shown off in containers, and offer multiseason color like you just won't believe. Pink Icing® is a magnificent addition to the series!

And it's easy to grow. It's self-pollinating, so you need only one. And it thrives in well-drained acidic soil and full sun to light shade. The only attention it needs is a spring prune of any stems that haven't sported new foliage. Feed Pink Icing® once in early spring, again in late season, using an acid-loving plant food such as Azalea mixtures. It will grow and fruit for years to come! Zones 5 to 10.