Bridal Sunblaze® 18-inch Miniature Tree Rose

Bridal Sunblaze® 18-inch Miniature Tree Rose

A sensation of purest white!

18-Inch Bareroot Tree
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Get ready to fall in love at first sight with this glorious white wonder of a mini-rose. Each pristine white double bloom is petite yet powerful, petal-packed, and quite shapely. Plus they are remarkably long lasting and durable in virtually all conditions. They do best in full sun. It's easy to see why Bridal is considered the best performing white rose on the market. Its very glossy deep green foliage enhances the display and makes the elegant blooms shine even brighter in comparison. Sunblaze® is the perfect union of bright white blooms and dark green glossy foliage. Its sweet fragrance is also sure to impress anyone that stops to smell it. This compact variety is perfect for borders and containers. It grows to reach about eighteen inches tall. When you have little space but want to make a big impression - the Sunblaze® series is for you!

Tree Roses in containers will make a lovely display on the deck or patio, on a balcony, or as a accent in the entryway of your home. Having them in containers makes it easier to move them to a protected area in colder climates where the threat of severe winter weather may occur.You can also plant Tree Roses directly in the garden. Again, choose an are that received at least 6 hours of sun per day. Prepare the soil in the are 2- to 3-days before planting. For bareroot tree roses, follow the pre-planting instructions that are included when your rose arrives. Once your tree rose is planted, caring for it is comparable to any other shrub rose that you may grow. You will surely enjoy seasons of unique beauty and beautiful blooms!