Brindled Beauty Tall Bearded Iris

Brindled Beauty Tall Bearded Iris

No Other Bloom Quite Like It!

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Find a special place for this award-winning Tall Bearded Iris this season! Featuring a unique mix of color patterning and a light, sweet scent, this perennial is prepared to grow for many years in the sunny garden, spreading and multiplying to increase the beauty of your landscape and fill your vases with exquisite color and fragrance!

Brindled Beauty features standards of white with plentiful lavender streaks and stripes, a bright orange beard, and falls of creamy white with more purple tones and occasionally a wash of peach. The blooms are lightly fragrant and very abundant on tall, study stems. Each flowering scape boasts many buds, so you have fresh flowers for weeks!

The bloomtime of this Iris depends upon where you live. It will open in mid-spring farther south, but often waits until early summer in shorter northern areas. Wherever you grow it, it takes off vigorously and spreads over time, asking only to be divided every few years so that the blooms and growth remain vigorous. You will love it as a companion to daffodils and daylilies!

Brindled Beauty was introduced in the 1990s by breeder Allen Ensminger, and won top honors from the American Iris Society. And no wonder: there's nothing like these blooms, with their charming color play and unique patterning!

This Iris will reach about 2 to 3 feet high in the garden, spreading over time to 2 feet wide. It offers handsome sword-shaped foliage to complement the blooms, and is generally left alone by deer, rabbits, and other nibbling animals. Very heat- and drought-tolerant, it's a good choice for a meadow garden as well as the sunny perennial border. Zones 3-8.