Bromeliad and Moth Orchid in White Container

Bromeliad and Moth Orchid in White Container

Dramatic and So Long-Lasting!

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A really distinctive and uncommon combo planting, this Bromeliad and Moth Orchid (Phaleonopsis) duo will astonish and delight all who see it! Already planted and growing in a bowl-shaped white container, these houseplants make an exceptional gift for someone special.

The Bromeliad is low-growing, with lush, strappy green leaves around a large bright yellow rosette. Water it by trickling water directly into the bloom! Easy to grow and very long-lasting, it adds a tropical flair to any setting.

The Moth Orchid is a tall, elegant plant, with pointed green leaves held well below the long, slender, dark brown stem. The flowers open at the very top of the stem, double-flowered and pure white. Their thick, waxy petal consistency helps them last a long time.

Together, these two plants make the perfect contrast in shape and style. No combo planting is quite as striking and unexpected -- and few can equal the beauty of this pair! Find just the right people to give it to, and be sure to keep one for yourself, too! This combo arrives ready to display as soon as it is removed from its shipping box.

Box Dimensions: 10" x 10" x 30"