Buzz™ Sky Blue Butterfly Bush

Buzz™ Sky Blue Butterfly Bush

Compact Habit with Huge Blooms!

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Ah, the bees will be a buzzin' and the butterflies a sippin' on this new, super-compact, large-flowered Butterfly Bush! Just 4 feet high and wide at maturity, it wows with bloom wands fully 6 inches long and packed with fragrant sky-blue florets! Make summertime (and most of fall, too!) just a little more fragrant and colorful with Buzz™ Sky Blue!

Perfect for patio containers and small accent plantings in the sun, Buzz™ Sky Blue is the Butterfly Bush we have been waiting for! The flowers are full size -- bees and butterflies love them! -- and quite fragrant, but the well-branched, bushy little plant is petite enough for just about any setting. Such a nice change of pace from big, rangy Buddleias of the past!

And Buzz™ Sky Blue will bloom its heart out each year for you. The flowers begin with the first real heat of summer, and continue well into autumn in most climates. That's 5 months or more for most of us! They make excellent cut-flowers for the vase, and add such color and scent to the sunny garden or bright patio! Truly a pleasure.

Butterfly Bush is one of the most carefree of all perennials, and Buzz™ Sky Blue is no exception. Tolerant of heat, humidity, rain, drought, and even poor soils, all this plant really needs is good drainage and lots of sunshine to thrive. In very hot climates, it appreciates a bit of afternoon shade, but for most gardens, it loves full-on sunshine all day long.

Buddleia davidii is a long-lived perennial with the woody stems of a shrub. Cut it right down to the ground (or about 6 inches above) in late winter or early spring each year, because it likes to bloom on new wood. You will find that it repays this little bit of care with a bushier, more bloom-happy habit each year!

Butterfly Bushes have a special significance for many people. They were the first flowering plant to be noticed bouncing back after the bombings of World War II. Sprouting from the rubble, they gave people hope and began the renewal of the landscape. See if they can have the same restorative effect in your garden or on the patio -- even if the area is already full of healthy plants and blooms! A Butterfly Bush is always welcome, and Buzz™ Sky Blue may just become your favorite. Zones 5-9.