Buddleia Pink Cascade

Buddleia 'Pink Cascade'

A New Look for Butterfly Bushes!

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'Pink Cascade' is a large, highly productive bush with lacy bluish green foliage and lilac-toned flowers. The pleasing pastel panicles reach up to 10 inches long, are honey-scented, and nearly always surrounded by butterflies and hummingbirds who love the sweet blooms as much as you will. This plush plant is a real standout with its weeping habit setting it apart from its uprightly growing counterparts. Deer generally don't bother it, it is undaunted by drought and flourishes in direct sunlight. Easy to care for, beautiful lavender flowers, a sweet scent, and a pollinator favorite. What more could you ask for? If a faithful pollinator magnet is what you're in search of, you've found it in 'Pink Cascade'! Plant it in full sun and watch as it blooms and flourishes in your landscape!