Planting Bulbs in Dirt with Trowel

Bulb Planting Instructions

  1. Dig out the soil to the proper depth. (See chart below)
  2. Amend soil (if needed), drop the bulb in, tips up.
  3. Cover the bulb completely, and water well.
Planting Bulbs in Dirt

Bulb Planting by Type

Bulb Planting Time
Spring & Fall (s, P)
Bloom Time Planting Depth Planting Distance Soil Preference
Allium S/F Late Spring-
Early Summer
6-8" 6-8" Well drained,
sandy loam
S Summer
3-6' Well drained
Anemone F Early Spring 2-3" 2-4" Well drained
Caladium S Summer-Fall
1-2" 8-18" Well drained
Camassia F Late Spring-
Early Summer
4-6" 6-8" Moisture rich,
organic matter rich
Canna S Summer 4-6" 1-2' Moisture rich,
organic matter rich
Colchicum F Early-
Mid Fall
3-4" 6-8" Moisture rich
(Fall Blooming)
S Fall 2-3" 2-6" Moisture rich,
well drained
(Spring Blooming)
F Early Spring 2-3" 2-6" Moisture rich,
Dahlia S Summer 6-8" 9-12" Well drained,
organic matter rich
Eucomis S Summer-
4-6" 6" Well drained
Freesia S/F Spring
or Fall
3" 1" Well drained
Fritillaria F Spring 3-6" 1-6" Well drained
Galanthus F Early Spring 2-3" 2" Organic
matter rich
Gladiolus S/F Spring 2-4" 3-4" Well drained,
sandy loam
S/F Spring
or Fall
bulb neck above
soil line
2-4" Well drained,
sandy loam
Hyacinth F Early Spring 4-6" 6" Well drained
Ipheion F Early Spring 3-4" 1" Moisture rich,
well drained
S/F Summer 4-6" 9-18" Moisture rich,
well drained
Lycoris S/F Late Summer-
2-5" 5-8" Moisture rich,
well drained
Muscari F Early Spring 3" 2-3" Well drained
F Spring 6-8" 6-8" Moisture rich,
well drained, loam
Nerine S/F Late Summer-
2" 4-6" Well drained,
sandy loam
S/F Spring
or Fall
1-2" 2-6" Well drained
Polianthes F Summer 2" 6-8" Well drained,
sandy loam
Ranunculus S Early Spring 6" 6" Well drained
Scilla F Spring 2-3" 3-6" Moisture rich
F Spring 6" 3-6" Moisture rich,
well drained
Zantedeschia S Early-
3" 6" Well drained,
organic matter rich