Bulb Mixes

Bulb mixes save time in the garden

A collection of favorites, our bulb mixes deliver a pre-selected combination of complementary colors, bloom times, and heights. Curated to offer a stunning variety of flowers and foliage or a selection of similar blooms in varied and saturated colors, a bulb mix from Park Seed is an easy way to have a professionally planned garden. Spring-blooming bulbs are a perfect companion for perennial ground covers, shrubs, and annuals. Summer bulbs offer terrific color and are generous growers, creating clumps of blooms that expand each season.

Another reason to plant bulb mixes? When the springtime blooms of daffodils, tulips, and other early bloomers are spent, your summer bulbs will flourish and take center stage. A rule of thumb when planting bulbs is to arrange them in groups of 5 or more for the most striking visual display. If you’re planting bulbs that attract hungry critters, lay chicken wire over the bulb plantings and cover with soil to discourage digging. Bulb mixes are a mainstay of beautiful gardens and blends of vintage beauties that may have you recalling simpler days of childhood and summer days in the garden.

Choose from perfect pairings, beautifully balanced selections, or grandly grouped collections. Our thoughtfully selected bulb mix blends can include popular and beloved bulbs, like tulips, narcissus (daffodils), hyacinths, irises, and lilies, but can also include specialty bulbs. Make gardening easy this year, and for years to come, with our bulb mixes and blends.