Bullseye Mountain Laurel

Bullseye Mountain Laurel

Glorious Two-toned Blooms by the Dozen!

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Find a special place for this beautiful and classic Mountain Laurel. A shade lover with exceptional white, cinnamon, and purple blooms that really do resemble bullseyes, this seletion of our native American shrub is evergreen and easy to grow.

The flowers arise beginning in late spring in most climates, and continuing into early summer everywhere. They are held in big, rounded 4- to 6-inch clusters, absolutely showstopping on compact plants just 4 to 5 feet tall and 3 to 4 feet wide. Get your camera ready -- these are breathtaking blooms to be enjoyed for decades to come!

Dr. Richard Jaynes of Connecticut did much of the breakthrough breeding on Kalmia latifolia, (Mountain Laurel), and we think Bullseye may just be his masterpiece. Give it partial shade, rich acidic soil that stays consistently moist, and good drainage. Plant with the root ball high or almost above ground level, hilling up the base with a heavy mulch. Then sit back and enjoy the spectacle! Zones 4-8.