Burgundy Iceberg™ Floribunda Rose

Burgundy Iceberg™ Floribunda Rose

True Burgundy, Fully Double, and Sweet-Scented

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This delightful Floribunda has the beauty and fragrance of an Old Rose with the modern vigor, disease resistance, and bloom strength of a modern hybrid. Burgundy Iceberg™ is prepared to flower all summer long, filling garden and vase with a strong honey-like scent and adding rich, dark, highly unusual color to the Rose display.

Each of these blooms is fully double-flowered, with 20 to 25 petals that sport a deep pink reverse (exterior) to complement their dark burgundy interior. The coloration is purple to red-burgundy depending on the climate, with darker coloring in cooler temperatures. Measuring 3 to 4½ inches wide, they arise in large clusters from late spring until the cool fall weather sets in. Very tolerant of heat and humidity, they are a superb choice for the south and southwest, but also content in shorter and cooler summer climates.

Burgundy Iceberg™ has won numerous awards in its native Australia, and we believe it will be a success here as well. This color is simply unavailable in most other Roses, and the rich fragrance and floriferousness make this shrub very valuable. Best of all, it has disease-resistant foliage, so you can plant it right into the crowded border (or in containers) without worrying about mildew and blackspot. If you have never grown a Rose before, Burgundy Iceberg™ is a splendid way to begin. If you're a seasoned Rosarian, you can count on this cultivar to be one of the highest-performing and most trouble-free varieties in your garden! Zones 5-9.