Bush Bean Plants & Seeds

Bush beans grow on a short bushy plant

Beans grow in one of two styles, bush beans and pole beans. The primary distinction between the two is their growing habit. Bush beans grow in a shorter, shrub-like plant form while pole beans grow in a vining or trailing manner. Beans are popular to grow in backyard gardens for a lot of reasons. Beans are nutritious with most types including dietary fiber, iron, proteins, and potassium. Bush beans are also easy to grow.

Bush bean plants are more compact, growing to a maximum height of around two feet. They do not require support from a tower, ring, or trellis. If your plant gets weighed down by the sheer volume of pods, you can add a tomato cage for reinforcement. Your bush bean seeds germinate quickly, in 7-10 days, and most varieties mature in 60 days. You can ensure a long and bountiful harvest by succession planting your bush bean seeds every two weeks until 60 days prior to your first expected frost date.

Direct sow your bush bean seeds, sometimes called snap or bunch beans, in a sunny location with well-drained soil, add compost when planting for extra nutrition. You can germinate seeds indoors too, for an earlier harvest. Bush bean plants are low maintenance, tolerant of a range of growing conditions, and generally trouble-free. Whopper bush bean seeds save even more time in the garden with self-pollination and a high resistance to disease.

Different types of bush bean seeds from Park Seed include exclusive Whopper, organic, heirloom, colorful gourmet options, and easy to pick varieties. You may also find unique and lesser-known bush bean seeds in addition to the popular standards that gardeners seek out and successfully grow year after year. Delicious and nutritious for us and nutritious for soil too. Beans add nitrogen to your garden soil. Snap or clip long, thin bush bean pod tapers to prepare a family meal or a side dish to bring to your next potluck or picnic.