Bush Cucumber Seeds

More compact and still easy to grow

Bush cucumbers are more compact than their vining siblings which makes them ideal for small space gardens and even patio containers. Heirloom bush cucumber seeds have been passed down for generations. Their flavor is sometimes reminiscent of summer holiday picnics at grandma’s house with platters of sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, salads made from fresh greens from the garden and garnished with slices or cubes of refreshing homegrown cucumbers cut recently from the bush, or jars of sweet, dill, spicy, or salty pickles.

There is an extensive variety of cucumber seeds available so try different types and find your favorites. On your phone and using Park Seed’s gardening planning app, Seed to Spoon, you can record which seeds grew the most delicious bush cucumbers. Add notes in the “garden” section to record flavor profiles, your kid’s top choice, as well as your favorites for pickling and slicing.

Bush cucumber seeds can be direct sown once the threat of frost has passed. You can also begin the seeds indoors for an early summer harvest. Bush cucumber seeds are rapid growers from planting to harvest. You can succession plant cucumbers throughout the summer every 3-4 weeks. They prefer warm soil and a sunny location in the garden or on the patio.

Hybrid bush cucumber seeds have been crossed with other varieties to retain or elevate the best properties in each, a process called hybridizing. Improving upon less desirable traits that may have historically impacted them, these hybrid bush cucumber plants can offer better disease resistance, more uniformly sized fruits, or a more compact growth habit for container gardens.

Whether you plant bush cucumbers in a warm, sunny garden plot or patio pot, you’ll appreciate their easy growing nature and the generous harvests. This popular backyard garden vegetable includes something for everyone, whether you want to bite into the flavor of childhood or plant seeds that include contemporary benefits, too. You won’t be short on selection with bush cucumber seeds from Park Seed.