Bush Honeysuckle

These environmentally friendly native shrubs offer so much but ask so little

Diervilla is a small genus with only three species of flowering deciduous shrubs, grown for their dense, glossy, colorful foliage, with some varieties brandishing brilliant new growth and flaunting fall color. In fact, bush honeysuckles exhibit such bright color that they often replace the invasive burning bush (Euonymus alatus), which is being restricted across the U.S. And although bush honeysuckles are generally stoloniferous and slowly spread by runners, they are not invasive. These showy, free-branching shrubs also bloom all summer in tiny, trumpet-shaped yellow flowers, borne in terminal clusters. Nectar-rich the flowers sustain the bumblebees, butterflies, and hummingbirds that we all love and that keep our gardens healthy and productive.

Native shrubs, bush honeysuckle grow naturally in open woodlands, along stream banks, and on rocky ridges and dry slopes in the eastern regions of North America. These tough shrubs thrive in full to dappled sun and stand up to cold temperatures. They grow well in garden or container.