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Bushel and Berry® Blackberry Baby Cakes®

Bushel and Berry® Blackberry Baby Cakes®

Grow Blackberries on the Patio!

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If you think you have no space for a berry bush, think again! Baby Cakes® is so compact, you can grow it in large containers and tubs on the patio, balcony, or porch. It sets at least one crop a year (two in most climates!) of big, sweet, juicy berries on thornless shrubs just 3 to 4 feet high and wide.

Baby Cakes® is one of the Bushel and Berry® (formerly BrazelBerries®) series of compact, heavy-bearing edibles. This dwarf covers itself in white blooms in late spring and early summer, then replaces the flowers with delectable berries that ripen in midsummer. In all but the hottest summer climates, there is a second, smaller crop in mid-fall!

Well-branched and upright, this dwarf shrub is also thornless, which really simplifies harvesting, and makes it pleasant to brush against the foliage in small spaces. The foliage remains mid-green all season before dropping for winter. And the fruit sets in a fascinating way: it arises in sprays, like a shower of fireworks, on the top of the plant!

Find a special place for Baby Cakes® and let the show begin! Zones 4-8.