Buttermilk Coreopsis

'Buttermilk' Coreopsis

Light Yellow Flowers Stand Upright in Neat, Mounding Habit!

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A ray of gentle sunshine in the summer and fall, 'Buttermilk' provides soothing soft color and a neat, reassuring appearance after many pastels have finished blooming! The new, especially hardy hybrid of C. verticillata grows fast, its comfortable color and form blending in nicely in mixed beds, borders and containers as well as glistening as an accent or in mass plantings.

The flower's seven, long rounded, daisy-like petals arch back gently surrounding a golden-brownish eye. Requiring little, if any, maintenance, 'Buttermilk' multiplies quickly. It can adapt to dry soil and tolerates a wide range of climates.

Butterflies flock to 'Buttermilk', which grows rapidly in average, well-drained soil, beginning in June and often continuing through October. Reaching heights of 15 inches and widths of 25 inches, it forms its own striking contrast with its light flowers and feathery, dark green foliage.