Skywalker Boxwood

Skywalker Boxwood

Adds 2+ Feet of Height a Year!

Meet your new garden problem-solver! Sky Walker is a magnificent Boxwood with lush evergreen foliage in a narrowly columnar habit. And best of all? It grows at the rate of 2.5 feet a year! Now you can get vertical coverage in far less time than ever before!

This columnar tree takes off like a bullet and just keeps going! Growth averages 30 inches a year, topping out at about 15 to 20 feet high and 4 to 6 feet wide. With few lateral branches and a dense, lush habit, Skywalker is a great choice for topiary and other specialty shaping. But even if you never touch it with pruners, it makes a naturally symmetrical, attractive vertical punctuation mark in sun or shade!

Less prone to root diseases than older Boxwood varieties and usually left alone by deer and rabbits, this tree thrives in sun, part shade, and even dense shade. The foliage keeps its deep green hues even in hot summer weather, and is hardy through zone 6 in the north. Use it containers or the garden to create vertical accents and privacy screens in any desired spot!

Certain to be a bestseller, Skywalker will sell out fast, so please reserve yours today!