Cabernet Splash Blueberry

Cabernet Splash Blueberry

The Ultimate Ornamental Edible!

Trade Gallon (3qt)
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Seasoned horticulturists demand more from their plants, which is why so many gardeners love Cabernet Splash™. If you're looking for multi-seasonal interest, this blueberry has it in spades.

From its pure white flowers to its abundance of sweet summer berries to its fiery scarlet foliage in fall, for 3 fulls seasons Cabernet Splash™ is sure to please! The season begins with deep burgundy leaves in spring, very showy in the sunny garden! They turn green for summer, which is when the crop sets. And then in fall they blaze red!

In addition to container beauty, this versatile shrub is quite suitable for planting in beds and borders. It is quite carefree and doesn't need much to shine, but for best results plant in a sunny location in acidic soil that is mildly moist and has good drainage. Zones 4-8.