Caladium Carolyn Whorton

Caladium 'Carolyn Whorton'

Beautifully colored foliage!

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This is a lovely pink variety of Caladium that is quickly becoming a staple in many gardens as it works well in many varieties of light. These medium sized arrow head leaves are splashed with color. The outsides are lined with dark and light greens, while the inside is speckled with magenta, light pink, and bright white. This unusual tropical treasure takes foliage interest to the next level and brings hypnotic beauty to walkways, borders, bed, and even planters and pots! Best of all this stunner is right at home in both full sun and part shade - so place it most anywhere you need some dramatic foliage interest.

Fancy-leafed Caladiums are a gardener's best friend; they have no natural enemies and grow contentedly in any rich soil. Just plant the bulb in warm (75 to 85 degrees F) conditions and watch it flourish with huge, wide-open leaves smattered with Christmas colors. Terrific as a bedding plant in any shady spot, they also make splendid winter houseplants. We sell only fine Number 1 bulbs, large, healthy, and guaranteed to grow true to name.