Calibrachoa Seeds

Hundreds of blooms, from spring until frost

Calibrachoa, often called million bells or trailing petunia, boasts profuse amounts of dainty, petunia-like blooms from spring until frost. Winter hardy in Zones 9-11, it's grown as an annual everywhere else. Calibrachoa is a prolific bloomer, producing hundreds of 1" flowers in a range of colors — violet, blue, pink, red, magenta, yellow, bronze and white — on trailing stems that look stunning in hanging baskets and containers, or in small areas as groundcovers.

For the longest time, Calibrachoa was only available as plants. Now, Park Seed offers the Kabloom series of Calibrachoa seeds, the first million bells plant that can be successfully grown from seed. Start your seeds indoors, as it will take about four months from germination to flowering. Using a grow kit like the Bio Dome will make it easy to start your Calibrachoa seeds. Transplant outdoors in early spring when your plants have several sets of leaves and watch them take off. It won’t be long before you’ll understand the common name of million bells!

Calibrachoas like moist soil but not soggy, so be sure your plants have good drainage. Water them when the top inch or so of soil is dry. Million bells is heat, humidity and even drought tolerant, but prefers to be well watered and fed. Calibrachoa is a heavy feeder so add a slow release fertilizer to the potting soil and give regular feeding throughout the growing season. Here’s some great news: Those million bells your plant will produce will not need deadheading! This plant is self-cleaning and low maintenance.

If you enjoy hanging baskets on your porch or pergola, make sure Calibrachoa is at the top of your list of plants to grow. Your hanging baskets will be absolutely stunning displays of beautiful flowers.