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Calla Captain Trinity®

Calla 'Captain Trinity'®

Outstanding mix of red, orange, and yellow!

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This beautiful orange lily with red etched around the rim has some yellow mixed in it as well. This lily is easy to grow and does outstanding in containers either outside or indoors by a sunny window.

Calla Captain Trinity thrives in sunny or shady beds in the summer garden, as well as in containers of all kinds. In all but tropical areas, the bulbs should be dug up in fall and stored indoors for replanting in spring (or the container moved to a frost-free area, such as indoors near a bright window). Every few years, when the flowering diminishes, dig up the bulb in early fall and divide it into new plants. Feed heavily during the growth period for even bigger, better blooms! You will love this easy, adaptable plant! The beautiful red flowers look beautiful anywhere in the yard or cut for your next arrangement. Add it to your collection for sunset colored blooms that are sure to please!