Camelot Lavender Hybrid Foxglove Seeds

Camelot Lavender Hybrid Foxglove Seeds

Stunning color and heavy, reliable first-year bloom!

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Finally, a Foxglove that knows how to get up and GROW! Camelot Lavender doesn't waste a moment in your garden -- plant it in spring and before summer is here, it will be sporting its first display of fat lavender buds, which burst into glorious bloom over a long, very profuse season. Earlier to bloom and much, much heavier than others (especially the first year), the Camelot series is my hands-down favorite for a long, lovely season of color in partial shade!

The secret of its success is breeding. Camelot is the first-ever F1 hybrid, which means it simply has more vigor than any other variety you can grow. That means you get an entire extra season of color -- none of this "half a dozen blooms here, half a dozen there" the first year, but a long, full, unbelievably colorful season. And for a biennial, that's very important!

It also helps that the blooms themselves are so breathtaking. The buds are a combination of lavender and creamy, almost pistachio hues, but when the long, nicely crimped 1½-inch trumpets burst open, the cream tones give way to a richer lavender and to deep, stunning maroon spotting outlined in white on the interior of each flower. The blooms crowd tightly along the upper 16 to 24 inches of each stem -- VERY showy, and the perfect complement to all your other Foxgloves, from Foxy to maroon-and-white Pam's Choice. And if you like Camelot Lavender, you must try its colorful cousins, Camelot Cream, Camelot Rose, and Camelot White!

And if you think the first season was spectacular for Camelot Lavender, wait until you see the second! This is simply a showpiece of a Foxglove for the partly-shaded bed or border, and I give it my highest recommendation -- you just can't find a heavier-blooming, earlier, longer-seasoned variety anywhere, and it's so easy to grow!

Camelot Lavender reaches 42 to 48 inches tall and about 24 to 30 inches wide. Situate it in partial shade and rich, moist soil, and it will put on a fine show for several seasons. Superb in borders, beds, and open woodland gardens. Space about 2 to 2 1/2 feet apart. Zones 5-9. Pkt is 25 pelleted seeds.

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