Candle Fire Hybrid Okra Seeds

Candle Fire Hybrid Okra Seeds

Red Ribless Pods on Compact Plants!

(P) Pkt of 25 seeds
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60 days from direct sowing; 30 days from transplanted seedlings.

Welcome the most beautiful as well as highly productive okra you will ever grow! Candle Fire Hybrid earns its name with every scarlet pod it sets -- and over the course of its extended summer season, that's in the hundreds!

Candle Fire offers pods that are smooth-sided instead of ribbed or jointed like traditional okra. Showing only a hint of lime green at the base, they are colored a rich shade of crimson. The flavor is rich as well: meaty, strong, and delectable, so good that it may even convince okraphobes to take another bite!

The pods are best picked as 4 to 5 inches, and set continuously all summer, so you always have a handful to harvest. They are held pointing upright on compact, well-branched plants just 4 feet high. And before the fruit arises, big showy primrose-yellow blooms wow onlookers. Fully 1½ inches wide, they are a stunning sight in patio pots and the sunny vegetable bed.

Okra is nutritious and very useful in the garden as well. Its flowers attract pollinators, and it keeps bearing even when the weather gets very hot and humid. Simple to grow, it bears generously all season.

These pods are so beautiful that you should consider growing an extra Candle Fire plant or two just for ornamental purposes! The pods make splendid additions to bouquets, fresh or dried (they keep their color when dried). And if you have a huge bumper crop, do consider pickling the pods to give as holiday gifts and stock your own larder.

Okra is a warm-weather crop, needing both the soil and the nights to be warm before beginning its vigorous growth. Plants begin bearing when about a foot tall, and will continue until frost if kept picked. Cannot ship to CA. Pkt is 25 seeds.