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Canna South Pacific Orange

Canna South Pacific Orange

Uniform and vigorous!

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Blooms of radiant orange-red with gold flames crown this compact, lush plant. Midnight-dark foliage complements the flowers, which thrive in hot, sunny, moist to damp soils. Larger-flowered, more vigorous, uniform, and tolerant of a touch of frost. This high quality flower is charming even when not flowering!

This Canna is easy to grow from seed. For the longest season, sow it indoors, lightly covered with germinating mix, at a temperature of 68 to 77 degrees F. When the seedlings are large enough to handle safely, transplant them into separate pots, so they have plenty of root room and don't become a tangled mass. Then, when all danger of frost is past in your spring garden, set them outdoors, spacing them about 18 to 24 inches apart in the garden, or one to a large, deep pot.

If you live in Canna's hardiness range and have hot spring weather, consider giving South Pacific Orange a bit of afternoon shade. Otherwise, full sun is fine. This plant stands up to just about anything except drought, so make sure the soil stays moist. The more you water, the fuller and lusher the plant will grow, and the more flowers you'll enjoy.

South Pacific Orange is that rare thing, a true breeding breakthrough. Now you can have a big, gorgeous Canna display for mere pennies! We're delighted to make this winner available to Park gardeners this season. Order yours today, before it sells out! Zones 8-11.