Capitano Bush Bean Seeds

Capitano Bush Bean Seeds

An Elegant Romano, Bright as Sunshine!

(P) Pkt of 100 seeds
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60 days from direct-sowing. A delicious, vibrantly colorful, gourmet-quality Romano bean, Capitano must be grown to be appreciated! Once you've tried these succulent golden pods, you won't consider planting the bean garden without them!

The pods are flat, approximately 6 inches long, and very uniform on vigorous, heavy-bearing plants. They color up quite young, adding bright golden-yellow color to the garden, and boast a velvety texture that holds sauces and dressings beautifully.

But the best part is the flavor. Tender and very tasty, these beans are fine enough for your fanciest occasions, and are so delectable you'll find yourself wanting a dish every day! That's okay -- these bush-habit plants are very heavy-bearing, standing just 20 inches high and covering themselves in straight, even pods all season!

Capitano really sets itself apart from the pack of Romanos, and deserves a place of honor in the vegetable garden. Try it once and we know you'll be convinced! Pkt is 2 oz., about 100 seeds.