Cardboard and Coffee Cultivator Starter Culture - 1 lb

Cardboard and Coffee Cultivator Starter Culture - 1 lb

Turn Coffee Grounds and Filters into Mushrooms!

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Well, here's a great idea to perk up the recycling bin: turn all of your wood, paper, dried vegetable matter, and even coffee grounds and filters into a healthy, delicious crop of Warm Blue Oyster Mushrooms! With this 1-pound starter kit, you can inoculate up to 5 gallons of waste and be dining on gourmet mushrooms in mere weeks!

All you need is wood and paper fibers in a recycling bin or bucket. Used coffee grounds and filters work too, as do dried (not fresh) vegetable materials. Mushrooms love these materials, and they make the perfect spawning ground!

This starter kit will inoculate up to 5 gallons of cardboard, coffee, shredded paper, and more. If you want to turn your home's entire paper and coffee recyclables into a thriving mushroom garden, try the 5-pound Bulk Starter Kit, which treats up to 25 gallons of paper and cardboard waste!

Blue Oyster Mushrooms are a delicacy, seldom available in supermarkets because they are best eaten very fresh. And nothing's fresher than straight from your compost bin!

This kit fruits in just weeks, making it a great project for kids as well as their parents and grandparents. Grow gourmet mushrooms from the trash you'd normally toss into the compost pile! 1-pound.

Note: If you can't plant the plugs right away, the spawn may be refrigerated for 3 to 6 months, but never frozen. Do not let spawn sit in the sunlight.