Caribbean Breeze Rose

Caribbean Breeze Rose

Intoxicating Peach Scent and Warm Tropical Hues!

The soft tropical colors of this gorgeous floribunda are as enchanting as its rich peachy fragrance. Fully double and very long-lasting, these magnificent blooms appear in great clusters (one snip makes a bouquet!) in waves all season. What an enchanting way to greet garden guests and perfume the entire border!

Each creamy-orange, ovoid bud opens to a full, 2½- to 3-inch bloom of peach-pink petals. Great for cutting, they are also splendid in the garden, where a single cluster will have fully open blooms, new flowers, and yet-to-unfurl buds all at once.

And even when not in bloom, Caribbean Breeze is a joy to have in the garden, as its lovely glossy, dark green foliage and compact habit make it a standout anywhere it's placed. Reaching a very versatile mature size of just 2½ to 3 feet high 2 feet wide, it's ideal for everything from beds and borders to low hedges and patio containers.

Plant this floribunda in well-drained soil in full sun to light shade. Spring pruning is recommended. Old and dead wood should be removed and canes that cross need to be cut back. Gardeners in warmer climates should cut back the remaining canes by about one-third, while those in colder areas will probably want to prune a little more than that. It can be grown in the ground or in a container (containers will require winter protection). Zones 5-10.