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Pennisetum Cassian

Pennisetum 'Cassian'

Brilliant fall foliage!

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Those in the market for an easy way to decorate their border should look no further than Cassian Pennisetum. The appeal of this petite fountain grass is its colorful display. It's lush green foliage billows out while fuzzy flowers with pink tops rise up to for added interest in summer when they first bloom. The show doesn't stop at the end of the season though. This long lived grass has color for every season as its flowers mellow to yellow and then caramel in winter. Humans aren't the only ones who will appreciate Cassian, birds will love feasting on its seeds in autumn, a bonus for our bird lovers out there! Cassian has the patience of a saint, tolerating heat, humidity, pests and diseases without breaking a sweat. Make this fountain grass the newest addition to your border or containers today!