Cat Grass Seed Tape

Cat Grass Seed Tape

At Last, a Plant Your Cat SHOULD Eat!

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7 days to tender sprouts

This beautiful striped grass is the best thing you can add to your cat's diet -- and it looks mighty pretty on the windowsill or in the annual bed, too! Cat Grass is simply barley, a valuable source of fiber and nutrition for your pet. And with easy-sow seed tape, you can grow Cat Grass in containers, straight rows, and pretty designs!

Seed tape is the easiest way we have ever found to "direct sow" seeds. You literally lay it down on top of the soil where you want the plants to grow, cutting it to fit the space and arranging it in any pattern you like. Then rake or sprinkle about a half inch of soil on top of the tapes and water them in well. That's it -- in a week you'll have tender, delectable green shoots for your cat (or humans!) to eat. Let it grow up a bit taller before the nibbling begins, and it will regrow reliably several times during the season.

With the 15 feet of seed tape in this package, you will have a planting that looks like it was designed and grown by a professional -- in less time that it would take you to make all the holes in the soil, let alone drop the seeds in, cover them up, and then thin the seedlings a few weeks later!

Cat Grass is a treat for your cats, but it is also a healthy choice for a variety of reasons. Barley aids digestion and helps keep hairballs at bay. It's also a great source of fiber in the diet. People love it too!

This beautiful green-and-white striped annual is a terrific grain for indoor or outdoor growing. As a houseplant, it thrives in bright indoor light. In the garden or outdoor patio pot, it loves moist soil and full sun to part shade. Enjoy the speed, beauty, and beneficial qualities of Cat Grass this season! 15 feet of seed tape.