Century Pink Celosia Seeds

Century Pink Celosia Seeds

Extra-large Blooms of Candyfloss Pink!

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The prettiest Feather Celosia we have ever seen, Century Pink wows with giant (up to 12 inches long!) plumes of pure candyfloss pink, thick and bright and very long-lasting, on compact plants! It's the perfect combo: more flowers, less foliage and stem, and longer season of bloom!

Century Pink beats most other Celosias into bloom by opening the first buds before spring is even finished. Very durable in heat and humidity, the flowers continue until summer's end, really brightening any sunny spot. Use Century Pink in containers as well as annual beds; it is only about 16 inches high in bloom, and just 8 inches wide. The intense color really pops in such a small package!

Like all Celosia, Century Pink is easy to start from seed and requires little care beyond watering and feeding to keep the color coming all summer. It doesn't mind a bit of dry soil, and withstands late-afternoon thundershowers, warm nights, and other summer weather effortlessly!

Century Pink seed does best when direct-sown, and once it has germinated, it would rather not be moved. Sow the seed outdoors well after all danger of frost has passed, setting it just 1/8-inch deep and covering lightly. It should sprout in 5 to 7 days. Thin the plants to about 8 inches apart for dense, leaf-to-leaf coverage.

Of course, you can also start them indoors to get an even earlier start on the season. Sow them at 75 to 80 degrees F, 1/8-inch deep and covered lightly. After germination, grow on at 70 degrees F, and bottom-water with lukewarm water to avoid chills. The seedlings are usually ready to transplant in just 3 weeks. When you set them outdoors, protect them from direct sun for about a week while they acclimatize. Packet is 25 seeds.