Cercis Flame Thrower®

Cercis Flame Thrower®

A unique semi-weeping redbud with multicolored foliage that persists throughout the season

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Nursery professionals chose this new 2020 industry introduction to receive the People's Choice Best in Show award, New Varieties Showcase, at the 2019 Farwest Show.

Usually the most appealing feature of a flowering tree is its bloom cycle. Not so for Flame Thrower®. Although the early spring bloom of slightly sweet-scented pink clusters of 5 to 12 flowers is quite stunning, the pure novelty of the multicolored foliage and semi-weeping form is overshadowing. The unique foliage emerges burgundy and turns chartreuse, yellow, and green as it ages. The colors stay throughout the season, and at any given time, one branch could display several different shades all at once.

This redbud grows at a moderate rate. It is easy to grow and requires little maintenance and minimal pruning, in late winter or early spring.

Developed by the JC Raulston Arboretum and NC State University