Chamaecyparis Melody

Chamaecyparis 'Melody'

Flourishes in sun or dappled shade

Trade Gallon (3qt)
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This living fountain of lacy lemon-gold leaves is a glorious addition to the landscape in all seasons. From Spring to Fall the leaves are an appealing chartreuse with deeper green undertones. Winter turns the bright tips a lovely bronze color adding another layer of beauty to this cold and quiet season. The shapely tree starts out fairly narrow in its youth but will broaden nicely with age. It is an astonishing tree to witness even at a distance and adds texture to areas that need a little extra verve. This handsome dwarf variety thrives in full sun as well as partial shade and grows at medium speed of about 3 to 6 inches per year. With it's array of color from green and chartreuse to gold and bronze this tree will bring foliage interest to any area of your landscape that needs a little brightness.