Charisma Floribunda Rose

Charisma Floribunda Rose

Like Glowing Embers!

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Talk about fiery color! Charisma is absolutely stunning, with blooms that look like flames on a neat, very long-blooming shrub. This floribunda is an exceptional variety, offering summer-long color for the garden and all the fascinating blooms you can cut for the vase!

Arising from modest yellow buds, these 2-inch blooms just overwhelm with layers of nested petals, each a glowing gold at the base, shading to apricot, orange, and red toward the tips. The center is a frilly yellow, sometimes hidden by the masses of petals on all sides. Like all floribundas, Charisma sets its blooms in large clusters, so when you cut a spray for the vase, you get mature blooms, newly-opened specimens, and even a bud or two. You'll love watching the color changes on this spectacular cultivar!

Charisma reaches 4 feet tall and wide, with good foliage cover and an upright habit. If you want to plant several side by side (what an effect!), space them about 3 feet apart for dense coverage. Super for the shrub or perennial border as well as the rose garden, Charisma is even compact enough for containers or small-space accents.

A good companion to strongly-scented roses, Charisma accentuates rich golden hues and is at its fiery best when set against clean whites.

Plant in full sun and any well-drained soil. Charisma is quite hardy, but appreciates a winter mulch north of zone 7. Zones 5-9.