Charisma Lavender Lisianthus Seeds

Charisma Lavender Lisianthus Seeds

Nearly Half a Dozen Flowers Per Stem!

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Welcome the most floriferous Lizzie yet, with at least 5 buds on every flowering stem! Charisma is a delightful addition to the cutting garden, and you won't believe how long-lasting and elegant these double-flowered beauties are in the vase. They're a must-have for all of us who grow flowers for indoor arrangements.

Charisma is tall, elegant, and vigorous, with fully double 3-inch blooms of rich lavender blue. They resemble nothing less than roses, but no rose has ever been so easy to grow, nor so long-lasting in the vase. The strong, slender flowering stems reach up to 30 inches long, perfect for dramatic arrangements, and boast multiple buds. Such flower power!

Best in full sun, Charisma blooms in midsummer in most climates. You may want to stake the long flowering stems to hold up the heavy blooms, and be sure to cut them just as the blooms are opening for maximum vase life. You're going to love how they look on the dining room table and mantel! And if you like Charisma Rose, try the other colors in the series, too!

Lisianthus is such a long-lasting, dramatic cutflower that you might expect it to be difficult to grow from seed, but it is quite simple. Start the seeds indoors in late winter, germinating them uncovered (on top of the medium in a seed flat or on top of the Bio Sponge in your Bio Dome). Germination occurs in 2 weeks or less at 65 to 68 degrees F. Transplant the seedlings when they have at least 2 sets of true leaves and the soil has warmed in spring, past all danger of frost. They are ideal for the cutting garden, but also combine well in the annual garden with other flowering and foliage plants.

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Anonymous from CT wrote on May 25, 2017

Thanks, my wife loves lisianthus and our local grower is now out of business.