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Charlies White Peony

Charlie's White Peony

8-inch Double Blooms

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This lovely Peony was introduced in 1951 by C. G. Klehm, and it is still the white Peony to beat. Vigorous and early blooming, it sets some of the largest (up to 8" wide) and prettiest white blooms in the Peony family: lush and fully double, these ivory flowers seem lit from the center by a golden glow.

If you are new to the joy of Peonies, let us enumerate some of their merits! First, they are exceptionally carefree once established. One of the longest-lived perennials, a single plant can last for generations.

Second, their phenol content makes them unappetizing to insects, rabbits, and even deer.

Third, they offer 3 seasons of color: reddish spring foliage, bright late spring and early summer blooms; and bronze or purple fall tones.

Fourth, they are equally suited for garden or vase, offering old-fashioned charm plus armloads of blooms. Very long-lived after cutting, the flowers can even be used as everlastings.

Peonies are a nice garden "bridge" plant, looking something like a perennial and something like a shrub. Set in front of large shrubs or trees, they make a big splash of color without occupying a lot of space.

Traditional companions to peonies are spring-and summer-flowering bulbs, blue- and white-flowered perennials, flowering shrubs such as Azaleas, and ornamental grasses.

Plant this perennial delight in well-drained soil in full sun. When planting more than one, place them 3 to 4 feet apart. If you live in a climate with severe winter weather, make sure the eyes are 1 to 2 inches below the surface of the soil (and top with mulch). In warmer areas, cover with an inch of soil and mulch lightly for winter.